Young Artist Art Classes

k5 girrafe painting

In-Person, Step-by-Step Instructional Drawing & Painting Classes

For Elementary School, Middle School, High School Students

art classes for kids

Every Tuesdays & Thursdays

4:00 – 5:00 PM

(once per week for 1 hour class)

Tuition: $60 / month

Art Supplies not included; can be purchased from the studio!

Every Tuesdays & Thursdays

3rd grade and above

6:30 -8:00 PM

(once per week for 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Tuition: $72 / month

Art Supplies not included; can be purchased from the studio!

We offer a variety of art classes to different age groups!

Art Classes goes up to 10 levels. We follow Greenville County School Calendar. Every level is of 5 months from August to December, and from January to May.

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These classes are a great opportunity for your artist to expand their knowledge of art.  They will learn different elements of art, such as mixing color palettes, and the different perspectives of creating an object or nature landscape. They will also learn how to make their creations more interesting by using different mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, and crayons.

Each time a student creates a new project, he or she will use different medium (acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, pencil shading, or crayons).

Art Classes include:

  1. Basic drawing and sketching classes
  2. Still life drawing and painting (beginners start with drawing subjects like animals, flowers, and trees)
  3. Drawing and painting landscapes and other scenes in nature (beautiful sunsets, waves lapping along beaches, etc.).
  4. Self-portraits.

Contact us to learn more about our art classes!